Two chances to see the best tactical gear in the U.S.

One of the leading tactical gear manufacturers in the United States, Bulldog Tactical Equipment prepares to attend two conventions.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (April 2, 2009): Innovative designs, perfected manufacturing techniques and dedicated staff members make it easy to provide world-class products. You can have the perfect product, but if people don’t know about it, it will not sell.

Networking is one of the best ways to make a company, a brand and a mission known. It can cultivate productive relationships and aid in the growth of a business. Bulldog Tactical Equipment realizes this. As one of the leading manufacturers of tactical gear for the military, government and law enforcement, it is important for Bulldog to show face at several events.

In May alone, you will find Bulldog Tactical Equipment at two different conventions around the United States. Las Vegas, Nevada, from May 18-21, will be home to the International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms System Symposium. Here, you will be able to meet the Founder and President of Bulldog Tactical Equipment.

Fayetteville, North Carolina , May 19th and 20th, will also be host to Bulldog Tactical Equipment. At the Association of the United States Army’s Braxton Bragg Chapter Exposition and Symposium, Sales Manager, Michael O’Driscoll will be showcasing Bulldog custom-made products.

Get to know the brand and the company that can fulfill all your tactical gear needs. Come out to meet the Bulldog Tactical Equipment team. Let them provide you with quality gear that has the best warranty in the industry. If the best is what you want, Bulldog Tactical Equipment is the company you need to go with.

New camouflage to help soldiers get closer to the enemy

Designed with the help of direct soldier feedback, Mirage Camo integrates a custom color pattern to aid in the positioning and concealment of the United States’ soldier.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (April 16, 2009): Creating a camouflage that can be worn in any environment, regardless of location is the ultimate goal. Mirage Camo looks to protect the location of soldiers without compromising their position, which guarantees concealment and the saving of lives.

Monochromatic colors have been used from all over the world, due to the extensive research of the developers of Mirage Camo. Browns, greens, grays and clays have been combined in various amounts, shades and shapes. The complexity of our pattern and the selection of our colors allow the uniform to work in every environment, including the desert, woodland and urban terrains.

Mirage Camo uniforms were designed with the help of direct soldier feedback. Each pocket on the uniform has been redesigned, changing the dimension, the positioning and the ease of use. The construction of the uniform has also changed. Top of the line thread is being used with new stitch placement, in order to reinforce inherently weak areas. Abrasion resistant fabric has been added to four areas of the uniform, making the uniform more durable.

Mirage Camo has the ability to tailor uniforms to your unit or organization. The uniform is operator friendly when it comes to pocket layout. The user is able to design and request a specific arrangement of pockets. This greatly aids the operator, minimizing needs for additional funds for modification. The end-user has the ability to have the same pattern, yet different made-to-order styles.

Mirage Camo provides uniform support after the sale, backing their product up with the best warranty in the industry. Sales are exclusive to the U.S. Military and have had tremendous success on the battle field. Mirage Camo uniforms have even been tested overseas, in areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

See for yourself how effective the Mirage Camo uniform is. Soldiers deserve to have the best of everything in the industry. Mirage Camo is the best. Mirage Camo wants to dress each soldier in a uniform that will protect them while on enemy lines.

One of the leading manufacturers of tactical gear is all over the web

Get to know the company, the mission and the equipment right on your computer.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (June 3, 2009): The topic of social media marketing is flooding the minds of communications specialists all over the nation. The figures show that web placement is one of the leading ways to network and generate a stronger branding campaign for a company.

Bulldog Tactical Equipment has been keeping up with these latest marketing trends. As one of the leading manufacturers of tactical gear in the U.S., Bulldog realizes that saturating the internet with their brand, their name and their equipment, is essential in maintaining a solid reputation.

Last month, Bulldog Tactical Equipment went public with a new website. Type,, into your browser window to register and access all the information on the best tactical gear in the industry. In addition to the new site, you can find Bulldog on Twitter under the username BulldogTactical. The Public Relations Manager is constantly posting updates throughout the day. Stay informed, and follow BulldogTactical on Twitter.

Bulldog Tactical Equipment is also up to speed with military forums and discussion boards. On numerous sites, you can find Bulldog posting some of the latest news about the company and the equipment. Don’t miss out on getting to know the company that produces the gear for all your tactical needs.

The anticipation has ended, and MultiCam is moving in. It’s time for new uniforms and gear for the US Army.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (March 1,2010) : After months of testing, the decision has been made. Troops in Afghanistan will be issued uniforms with the new camouflage pattern, MultiCam. Congratulations to the very deserving Crye Precision.

Now, it’s time to focus on where all the equipment is coming from. Not only does this decision effect the uniforms for the troops, but also all the pouches, packs, plate carriers, and a number of other tactical gear pieces. Manufacturers should be well prepared to make their gear in the new issued pattern. Bulldog Tactical Equipment is on top of the game. Bulldog is well prepared, and ready to produce all your needed equipment in MultiCam.

MultiCam is better for the cover and concealment of the troops, now it’s time to focus on the accessories. For all your MultiCam tactical gear needs, contact Bulldog Tactical Equipment.


Bulldog Tactical Equipment is a leading supplier of tactical and assault equipment to government, military, and law enforcement organizations within the continental United States. Our contracts provide agencies with world-class products. Bulldog is dedicated to meeting the special needs of all customers, and is ready to assist you with all your tactical needs.