New! Lightweight Tow Strap

The new, lighter and stronger version of the Bulldog strap makes towing large objects all too easy.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (February 1, 2010) : The Bulldog Tactical Equipment Tow Strap has been redesigned. This generation of the Tow Strap is now even stronger, lighter and safer. Bulldog definitely has the solider in mind.

The Bulldog Tow Strap is designed with the strength to withstand the extreme weight of the MRAP vehicle. It can be used to tow barges, bridges, boats and ships. Through various tests and evaluations, it is proven that this product has a straight pull strength of 98,600 lbs.

Weight and space is always an important factor in the design process of Bulldog products. This product is available in two standard lengths, 15’ and 30’. However, Bulldog will do custom lengths for larger orders. The 30’ Tow Strap can be stored in less than one cubic foot and weighs less than 11 lbs. The 15’ Tow Strap only weighs 6 lbs. The new decreased weight of the strap makes deployment quicker and easier. In addition to the user-friendly weight and size, the Bulldog Tow Strap is also buoyant and UV resistant.

The most important consideration during the design process of any new product is the safety of the end-user. The Bulldog Tow Strap stores no kinetic energy, eliminating any whipping effect.

We’ve been working diligently creating and designing the new Tow Strap. This is the next generation in mobility. We want to keep you moving,” says President of Bulldog Tactical Equipment, Jason Simione.