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One of the leading manufacturers of tactical gear is all over the web

Get to know the company, the mission and the equipment right on your computer.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (June 3, 2009): The topic of social media marketing is flooding the minds of communications specialists all over the nation. The figures show that web placement is one of the leading ways to network and generate a stronger branding campaign for a company.

Bulldog Tactical Equipment has been keeping up with these latest marketing trends. As one of the leading manufacturers of tactical gear in the U.S., Bulldog realizes that saturating the internet with their brand, their name and their equipment, is essential in maintaining a solid reputation.

Last month, Bulldog Tactical Equipment went public with a new website. Type, www.bulldogequipment.us, into your browser window to register and access all the information on the best tactical gear in the industry. In addition to the new site, you can find Bulldog on Twitter under the username BulldogTactical. The Public Relations Manager is constantly posting updates throughout the day. Stay informed, and follow BulldogTactical on Twitter.

Bulldog Tactical Equipment is also up to speed with military forums and discussion boards. On numerous sites, you can find Bulldog posting some of the latest news about the company and the equipment. Don’t miss out on getting to know the company that produces the gear for all your tactical needs.

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